Divine Decoupage & Marilyn Cox  

I am a self-taught decoupage artist who creates modern and unique pieces that are nothing like your grandma’s decoupage.

From the Start:

Over the past two years I have participated in a handful of art festivals and I typically get two reactions when people visit my booth.  A few people ask "what is decoupage", but mostly I hear "is this really decoupage" or "I tried decoupage a long time ago, but it didn't look like this".

I had always associated decoupage with small wood boxes and plaques that included endless sanding and layers of varnish.  But after seeing the idea to create decoupage designs on glass I wanted to give it a try.  My first try was on a footed thrift store bowl and the process involved designing, cutting, sizing components, re-sizing, re-designing, re-cutting, smeared ink, bumpy varnish layers, sanding bumpy layers, re-varnishing and a big sigh when I was done.  But, I was hooked and my process has definitely improved.

I love pouring over paper patterns, hundreds of different colors and subject matter to put together designs that I love or that I think others will love.  My designs usually start with one component that I  design everything else around.   I find that even if the majority of my design is abstract there is always some kind of order that comes through whether that is a border, a stripe or a symmetrical pattern.

Artist Friends are a Good Thing:

I have been lucky to be a part of an art group called the Westside Art Guild.  It is a group of talented painters, photographers and stained glass artists who have been generous with their knowledge and have provided encouragement of my decoupage art as I am definitely the "unicorn" of the group.  After joining the art guild, I began  participating in local art festivals and have exhibited my work at the Plymouth Creek Community Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Art's “Foot in the Door” event.

Custom Designs/Commissions:

Some of my inspiration comes from my home state of Minnesota, but I love to make custom one-of-a-kind pieces if you have a favorite photo, color theme or a shelf just begging for something to display.

Functional Art:

Because the layers of paper and varnish are on the exterior (bowls & vases) or back (plates) surfaces of each piece, my art is also functional.  Bowls and vases can be displayed as art or filled with food, water and/or flowers.  Likewise, plates can be displayed or used to serve food or hold different objects.  Each item should be hand washed only without immersing fully under water.

Wood or glass, big or small, simple or intricate, my portfolio modernizes the under-represented art of decoupage and will hopefully show you a new side of the art form.

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